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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The X-Files Revival News: New Character Details, Episode Information, and More

The first details plot details emerge, plus everything else we know about The X-Files return...

The first information from the set of The X-Files revival is slowly coming in. EW had the chance to travel to the Vancouver B.C. set of The X-Files and came away with a ton of new details about the revival, as well as some new images.
Reinforcing a few things that we already know about the new season, it seems Agents Mulder and Scully will be looking into the sudden disappearance of an alien abductee, portrayed by The Americans' Annet Mahendru. Joel McHale, a conservative talk show host, will be on the scene to tip our heroes off to the case.
We've also learned that Mulder and Scully will be in much different places from where we last saw them in 2008's The X-Files: I Want To Believe. David Duchovny points the EW reporter to his wardrobe as evidence of Mulder's current state. "Mulder’s not in a great place,” says Duchovny in a dirty gray t-shirt, shoelace-less shoes, sporting some five o'clock shadow. "He’s wearing bad jeans, so you can just extrapolate from my wardrobe. He’s in a dark, dark place."
"I like where we find Mulder and Scully in their relationship," Gillian Anderson adds. The article continues to praise Chris Carter's politically resonant script.
"The X-Files ended right after 9/11,” Carter says. “A lot has happened since then. A lot of rollback of rights and liberties in the name of our protection. We’re being spied on now, we’re being lied to — all things that, for me, remind me of when I grew up, which was right around Watergate. I think we’re in similar and much more dire times right now." 
The last bit of news comes on the writing end. We already know that original series writers James Wong, Glen Morgan, and Darin Morgan will be back, but it is revealed that they'll be penning Monster-of-the-Week, the non-mythology driven, creature feature episodes that littered original seasons of the series. The titles of the episodes are "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Man" and "Home Again," but no, that's not a continuation of grotesque fan-favorite "Home." “We’re not going to reboot any of the old favorites, although it was something we all thought about,” says Carter. “These are all brand new stories. We hope to scare you in brand new ways."
We also learned that the first episode is called "The Scourge."

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