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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gillian Anderson Interview

Robbie Amell and Gillian Anderson took to social media to share some pictures of the next generation of The X-Files and we are so ready for this show to be back in our lives.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The 10 creepiest X-Files episodes

With 202 episodes (not to mention two movies), the original run of The X-Files has an episode to suit every taste. Some are funny, some weird, some – usually the conspiracy episodes – are just plain confusing. But one thing the show was always good at was being scary. We've put together a list of the 10 creepiest adventures for Mulder and Scully... 

Grotesque (3.14) A tale of obsession that nearly sends Mulder finally over the edge. One of his seemingly endless line of troubled former colleagues asks him for help tracking down a killer with a fascination for gargoyles. Are there supernatural forces at work? It's nicely ambiguous on that point, but the episode still manages to conjure an creepily gothic atmosphere. 

Detour (5.04) A cross between Predator and Deliverance, this tale of invisible woodland assailants is a little gem. It feels like a throwback to seasons one and two in that it's a simple, spooky tale, told well. Investigating a crime in the Apalachicola National Forest, one by one the secondary characters are wittled down until it's just Mulder and Scully alone in the woods, stalked by supernatural forces. That's a format that's never going to grow old. 

Sanguinarium (4.06) Surgery is scary enough as it is, without the prospect of witchcraft turning your surgeon into a murderous loon. ”Sanguinarium” is no classic, with a muddled script and a frustratingly inconclusive ending, but it's certainly up there with the show's most gruesome instalments. Gillian Anderson went so far as to call it "one of the most repulsive scripts I ever shot", and we're not going to disagree with her. A man is liposuctioned to death! 

Ice (1.08) John Carpenter gets the nod in this early classic which borrows heavily from both The Thing and John W Campbell, Jr's novella, Who Goes There?. Mulder and Scully fly up to Alaska and discover a parasitic worm that drives its host insane. We're so used to our agents working together at this point that the moment where they pull guns on each other is genuinely surprising. The episode put in place a base under siege format that would become an The X-Files staple. 

Pusher (3.17) 
This early Vince Gilligan classic is scary in a different sort of way. Robert Patrick Modell – aka Pusher – can talk anyone into anything. He uses this skill to wreak havoc and talk people to death. Only Mulder can stop him. Or can he? The final act is a superbly tense cat and mouse game where you genuinely fear for our hero's safety. Modell returns in the solid, but way less nerve-wracking "Kitsunegari" in season five. 

Unruhe (4.04)  A weird serial killer episode (Chris Carter liked these so much he went on to create sort-of-spinoff Millennium, which was essentially Se7en: The TV Series). The villain has the ability to project the images in his mind onto the polaroids that he takes of his victims – cue some really disturbing photographs. The episode falls down a bit when Scully is kidnapped – we all know she's going to be just fine – but those pictures, brrrrr... 

The Host (2.02) Season two got off to an intriguingly off kilter start with the X-Files department closed down and Mulder and Scully working separately. That didn't stop them from encountering the gloopy, gruey Flukeman – a mutant hybrid played by X-Files writer Darin Morgan. It's pulp, gross out fun and probably the most successful of the show's monster of the week episodes. 

Squeeze (1.03) The show's first freaky killer is also one of its best. Eugene Victor Tooms is, essentially, Stretch Armstrong with a taste for human livers. If the previous shows had been a touch spooky, this was the first to be properly terrifying. No matter how small the gap, Tooms could squeeze through and get you. It helped that actor Doug Hutchinson is so good at exuding creepiness... A sequel, "Tooms" picked up the pieces of this episode towards the end of season one. 

Irresistible (2.13) Donnie Pfaster is one of the most genuinely skin-crawling villains to ever have been portrayed on TV. A death fetishist who works in a morgue and collects parts of dead bodies, he's an unsettlingly real monster compared to the likes of Tooms and the Flukeman. Is Pfaster the devil? The episode suggests that he may be demonic in nature, but keeps is nice and ambiguous. More likely, he's just a dangerous sicko – and he's all the more terrifying for it. 

Home (4.02) It's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for network TV! This early season four episode courted controversy with its savage nature (it starts with a baby being buried alive and gets grosser from there). The story of the sub-literate Peacock family and their murderous reign in small town Pennsylvania, it's a story that plays out (as Mulder once said about Tooms), like the Anti-Waltons. The Peacocks love each other, but kill everyone else. Thrillingly nasty TV.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Lone Gunmen set to return to The X-Files

Larry Watson/Fox
Expect to see three more of The X-Files’ usual suspects when the series returns in January.
The conspiracy theorist trio known as The Lone Gunmen will appear in Fox’s six-episode event series, EW has confirmed. The Gunmen, played by Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood, were EW’s pick for “who we hope to see” in this month’s X-Files cover story

Haglund, who played Langly, first announced the news on Twitter.

The Lone Gunmen were fan favorites on the original series, even starring in a short-lived spin-off in 2001, but their characters met a bitter end toward the end of The X-Files‘ ninth season. (Then again, so did the Cigarette Smoking Man, and he’s also making a comeback.) It remains to be seen how the Gunmen will factor in to the revival, but the series could adhere to the official season 10 comics — executive-produced by series creator Chris Carter — in which they are revealed to have faked their deaths. If that’s the case, we think it’s “remotely plausible” that Mulder will be happy to see them.
From ew.com

Saturday, July 18, 2015

8 Times The First X-Files Teaser Blew Our Minds In Just 15 Seconds

The first teaser trailer for the new “X-Files” is a lot like an alien abduction: It’s dark and ominous, yet hauntingly familiar, and it’s over before you even knew it began… and then you’re waking up naked in a cornfield miles from home with no memory of how you got there, and nobody believes you.
  1. Smoke! Wreckage! …Spaceship?!

  2. Extra-terrestrial cleanup crew, reporting for duty.

  3. Who put this executive leather chair into someone’s Warehouse of Murder?

    Ten bucks says that furniture smells like three decades’ worth of cigarettes, if you know what I’m saying.
  4. Probably not a tetanus shot.

  5. Um, excuse me, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING. That is a SACRED OBJECT.

  6. And speaking of sacred objects: It’s Mulder!

  7. And Scully!!!

  8. And we only have to wait til January 2016 to see them together again.

    Brb, screaming with pure, raw excitement for the next six months.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mulder and Scully Get Animated in This Stylish New X-Files Teaser

The truth is still out there and so are more X-Files teases.

The latest promo for Fox's revival of the alien drama features some pretty sweet animated versions of Mulder and Scully hard at work. And oh yeah, it reminds you that you've got 201 episodes to re-watch or catch up on until the show premieres on Jan. 24.

Take a look!