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OfficialXFiles.com: ‘X-Files’ adds female writers, directors after Gillian Anderson calls out show's lack of diversity

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

‘X-Files’ adds female writers, directors after Gillian Anderson calls out show's lack of diversity

The “X-Files” is finally taking steps to diversify its writing staff.

The rebooted sci-fi show has added three female writers for the next season, following early reports that all 10 episodes would be written by men.

Karen Nielson will write one episode and Kristen Morgan and Shannon Hamblin will team up for a second, according to Buzzfeed.

The women join a writing staff, which has been overwhelmingly male since the drama debuted in 1993.

"I don't want to make excuses for anyone. I want to just explain that after 200 plus episodes of a show that has a very deep and specific mythology — where the fanbase has a very high expectation that the episodes are going to deliver on those easter eggs and be consistent with those original episodes — the tendency is to want to rely on the people (who) helped you on the original, when you're just doing 10 episodes," Dana Walden, Fox Television Group chairman and CEO, said on the Television Critics Association panel Tuesday.

"And the crew that was with (creator) Chris (Carter) for a very long time happened to be a group of male writers."

Two episodes will also be directed by women: Holly Dale (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Timelss” and “Smash”) and Carol Banker (“The Magicians,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Glee”).

Over the first 207 episodes of “The X-Files,” only two were directed by women.

While Walden denied that the hiring moves had anything to do with the backlash over the predominantly male staff, the most outspoken critic was the star of the show, Gillian Anderson.

“I too look forward to the day when the numbers are different,” she tweeted in June with the hashtag “the future is female” in response to a tweet about the gender makeup.

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